Ian’s answer to ‘Why blog?’

Having spent thirty years facilitating workshops on leadership and personal development, I decided to wind them down. Much to my surprise, I discovered that this left something of a gap in my life – that of enjoying purposeful, in-depth discussions with an eclectic bunch of willing contributors.

Primarily, the workshops comprised people in leadership roles, from organisations large and small, and were held in a relaxed setting which, when combined with the small group size, gave rise to many insightful and enjoyable discussions.

Each full programme of three workshops lasted a total of six days which allowed plenty of opportunities for spontaneous discussion and for people to explore the bigger questions about how we operate in the world. An example of these insights was the one, which once spotted was blindingly obvious, that ‘Each one of us is seen by others as a leader in some aspect of life – whether we want it or not!’

Far from being merely ‘interesting’ or ‘academic’, these insights had an immediate impact and often resulted in a change of viewpoint or operational style for those involved.

The aim of writing this blog is to help me to continue the enquiring tradition of the workshops, explore topics that interest me, and share my thoughts with kindred spirits ‘out there’. It might also encourage others to step back, ponder a topic of interest, and delve into aspects of how they operate.

Last, but not least, I am blogging for the sheer pleasure of it and to clarify my thoughts.