My blog is about contributing another view regarding what makes the world tick and how we operate as individuals. The aim is simply to explore other ways of looking at things and to leave you to make up your own mind – which you will do anyway 🙂

For around thirty years, I developed and led an Executive Development Programme called ‘Shifting Gears‘. Each programme, spread over six and a half days, comprised an in-depth exploration of how we communicate, understand problems, solve problems, and operate as leaders. With participants from both ‘For profit’ and ‘Not for profit’ organisations (covering a wide range of activities) and already with plenty of leadership experience under their belt, the result was a melding of many different viewpoints from which everyone, including myself, gained.

The workshops were held in many countries (China, New Zealand, USA, Australia, and UK) and, even though this added elements of cultural variation, it revealed – much to the surprise of those involved – that everyone faces similar difficulties when it comes to their personal and organisational life.

My hope is that this background will colour my writing in a way that makes the content interesting and relevant to you and that it stimulates lots of discussion.

Best wishes